Types Of Metal Fabrication

Making shapes with the raw metals for different purposes is referred to as metal fabrication. The use of this procedure is seen in the world of construction, automobile industry etc. The entire procedure takes a great deal of time and energy. It is very complicated and difficult to understand the process.

The metal fabrication Wodonga process is much extended. The people who are trained about the essentials of metal fabrication are also introduced with the different kinds of metal processing. The nature of process and the machines used in each of them are also different from one another. The cost of each of them is also different. The most used metal fabrication processes are as follows:


It is the most commonly used metal fabrication process. As the name indicates the process involves the splitting of the sheets into required sections being double, triple or more than this. Some of the objects that require stainless steel fabrication Albury are made with the metal sheet that is created just before the process of cutting actually begins. Then this fresh piece is converted into the required shape. The pre-shaped metals are then further used for creating the structure. Currently the cutting process is also done with the help of the lasers and other sophisticated versions of the machines.


It is one of the most complicated processes involved in metal fabrication. The metal is folded at a particular angle to create a structure of your choice. The process is carried out with the help of the specialized tools that can fold the metal at the smallest angle and even at the right angle. Sometimes two metals are attached to each other to create an angular structure. The process is hard to do with manual equipment. It requires specialized equipment that is high tech.


Metal crafts are possible with the help of the welding.  It allows bringing together two pieces of metal together into any shape after heating them at a very high temperature. The welding allows creating panels, sheets, and bars. There is no restriction on the shape. The metal is exposed to heat at the points where the metal needs to be joined. Once heated, the metals can be brought together into the required shape.


If you want to remove any particular part of metal from the metallic construction, you need to use the machining technique. The metal is placed alongside the tools used for machining on the lathe. The lathe is allowed to rotate the metal. In this way, the metal is transformed into a particular shape or structure. With the machining the metals can be pierced with the holes too. The simplest form of the machining tool is known as the drill.


It is the most conventional type of metal fabrication processes.  In this process the metal is exposed to a very high temperature until it completely melts. The molten metal is then added to the mould. As the mould cools down the metal takes the required shape. This technique is used to create jewellery, decorative items, etc with the metals like silver, gold, bronze and iron.

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